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We ordered a $120 Xbox360 steering wheel in late October 2007 as a Christmas present. After finding a similar item more in our price range at a different website, we emailed the company and canceled our order. **We received a cancellation order 11/2/07**

Shortly before Christmas, we get a shipping notification of the item from They had charged our credit card. The item arrives and I contact the company to get a RMA. After being on the phone for a rather long time, I was able to explain to the young man with the thick accent, that we had canceled this order and we should not have been charged. **We receive a RMA# 1/10/08**

I immediately take the item to my local Staples store and drop off my RMA# shipment to go via UPS to ** UPS website says packaged arrived at 1/16/08**

I wait a week or two for the charge to be removed from my credit card... nothing. Finally I call again and ask them why the charge has not been removed. **The CSR tells me the package was delivered to on 1/31/08 and I needed to wait 5-7 business days for the charge to be removed** Remember UPS told me it was received on 1/16/08.

I wait 12 days, and the charge is STILL on my credit card. **I call again 2/12/08 and ask to speak to a manager, which the CSR won't allow me to do, and then I proceed to tell them that I am in the process of filing a complaint with the BBB (which I was) and that as soon as I got off the phone with that I was going to contact and issue a charge back. That what was doing was fraudulent, because they have the item and I am still being charged. The CSR begged me to wait just 24-48 hours more and that she promised it will be taken care of. Just to make sure I took the CSR's name and badge number. ** I explained to the CSR that I didn't want to get her in trouble, but that I needed proof that I was given a timeline (again) for the removal of the charge.

24 hours later the charge was removed.

Why did I have to send so many emails (3) and make so many phone calls (3) for an item that we canceled in the first place? Incompetence!


Pittsburgh, PA

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